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This subcategory covers cafes, diners and restaurants based in Australia.

Restaurant II

Grilled Rannoch Farm Quail, Moroccan Spices, Organic Carrot Puree, Mougrabieh, Labna, Burnt Orange Butter

As a special treat to ourselves while we’ve been holidaying over Easter Break, Jen and I decided to hit up Restaurant II in the city for their degustation.  They recently refurbished their building and the restaurant came highly recommended in the Queensland Food and Wine Guide, earning two stars. Our verdict?  It was a bit of a mixed bag to ...

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Gordon Ramsay’s Maze

Marinated beetroot with goats curd, Cabernet Sauvignon vinaigrette, toasted pine nuts

One of my favourite aspects of trying out a restaurant’s degustation is the social experience that comes with the evening.  By my reckoning, if you’re trying out a multi-course tasting menu, you’re usually eating and drinking with your friends for about four or five hours.  Over the course of that time, everyone is going through a world class culinary journey ...

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South Bank has always been a pleasant and picturesque riverside tourist trap in Brisbane but for the last few years the restaurants and cafes along the Little Stanley street strip left a little to be desired.  There was plenty of variety on offer but most of the eateries were decidedly average. That all changed in the past couple of the ...

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Aria Brisbane


Jen and I recently went to Aria to try out their tasting menu.  Unfortunately it was a spur of the moment decision so I didn’t have a camera on me.  I took a few photos with my iPhone but they look pretty godawful.  So rather than posting the full seven courses in their grainy 2 megapixel dimly-lit glory, I’ll just ...

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Char Char Char Wine Bar & Grill


For Jen and I, one of our favourite places to eat out if we’re in the mood for steak, is Char Char Char on Eagle Street Pier.  This fanciful and ever popular monument to meat-eating has some of the best steak in Brisbane.  And don’t they know it.  If there’s two constants that we experience when we come to Char ...

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Jellyfish Restaurant

Espresso, chicory crème brûlée, biscotti, double cream ice-cream

Its been a while since me and Jen had a chance to check out a new restaurant.  Probably not since the Sydney trip in January.  So we’re breaking that streak by eating at Jellyfish on Eaglestreet Pier and then in a fortnights time, we’ll be making a return to the Buffalo Club for another degustation.  Five guests.  Chefs table booked ...

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Tuna sashimi with quail egg

After getting home from work on Tuesday I was browsing a video game messageboard thread about French Laundry, looking at some high res photos of their nine course degustation.  It was around this time that Jen got home, looked over my shoulder and decided she felt like going out to dinner.  I called around and managed to get an impromptu ...

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Ecco Bistro

Flourless chocolate cake, praline mascarpone & hazelnut toffee

Although I’m now two weeks into a new job, I can happily report that I’m still included in the monthly wining and dining nights that my former manager and colleagues would catch up for.  We take turns picking out a new restaurant to try and make a night of it.  This time, on my suggestion, we went with Phillip Johnson’s ...

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Masuya Restaurant

Giant sashimi and sushi platter of doom

During a recent stopover in Sydney, myself and some guys from work were feeling a hankering for Japanese food and Masuya is literally one of the first options that turn up in Google if you search ‘Japanese restaurant Sydney’. We booked and went in with no real expectations of the service or quality.  Turns out, we also really underestimated the ...

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Buffalo Club

Smoked beef jerky, lime, chili, cilantro, onion, peppers, avocado

Jen and I finally had a chance to dine at Buffalo Club last night.  The venue has a bit of a reputation. Its head chef Ryan Squires was recently awarded Australia’s Best New Talent and his degustation had won a handful of local foodie awards so we were anxious to give it a try.  We had booked about a month ...

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