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Heeeello Heeeeello

If different topics were vegetables then this post would be a place where your mother would go to buy vegetables.

I’ve started my last week of work! awesomeness! my boss is an ass and plus some important people to me are all arriving back here in brunei within the next fortnight… thus i saw it as my only option.

My parents think i’m an alcoholic… i resent this. I think that i am a usual 18 yr old kid that enjoys the odd beer at a party.. you dont agree? ok fine! i’ll admit that last week i did drink my weight several times over… but that was only 1 week! I refuse to think of myself as a piss-head, i’d much rather “a sober strong minded guy who knows his limits”… you see, i havent even had anything to drink today (its 2pm), feel happy for me.

The other day i was chilling around my house when my parents came back and told me that they’d gone out and bought a new 29′ TV and a whole new entertainment system to go along with it… but wait, there’s more!! FREE toaster and FREE rice cooker!! Sweet! *pumps fist*… i love getting free stuff! my mum told me that i could have them both for University… this makes me happy cause now i know that i will be eating rice on toast for the next 4yrs… mmmm, healthy.

Ishan and his parents came over for dinner on Saturday night.. that was a dam funny night, i laughed so hard for about 4 straight hours! i woke up and my sides were still in pain from all the laughter… dam good stuff. Earlier on the same day i went to the border with Luke and Ben (just finished school in Melbourne) so all in all it was a pretty decent day.

It has been decided. This christmas break will involve many people siting around fires singing sing-a-long songs.. go to the forum and learn the lyrics or music (if you can play guitar) to the songs posted there… if you can think of songs that MUST be included in campside sing-a-longs then post there too.

I have a friend… she is ultra sexy. so being the great caring (sober) guy that i am, i decided to make this poster for pluggage of her new site:

Dont you just love the the awesome mentions of my name 3 times in 4 posts… feel the love ya’ll.

Two musical shoutouts to make:

Mike/Jassa – The Cat Empire is awesome!! they are the best thing to come outta australia since… um… well, you catch my drift.
Tim (my ex-drummer) – for introducing me to Helloween… “see them as a mix between Fantasy Metal and Iron Maiden” .. great.

Its ALL about next week people… but while we’re here, enjoy this one.


Posted by Matt @ 02:45 PM AST [Link] [4 comments]

Replies: 4 comments

So they say.

Posted by Caroline @ 12/01/2003 09:53 PM AST

bigger is better.

Posted by Matt @ 12/01/2003 05:36 PM AST

Yea your fansign was pretty darn big, and I tried re-sizing it but it made the text go blurry. So I left it as-is… Thanks Matt for making that. : ) I’ll buy you an ‘odd’ beer next time we meet; as you so mildly put it. Alchi ; )

Posted by Caroline @ 12/01/2003 05:15 PM AST

We make the biggest fucking fan signs of anyone on the net. Even better, most people still seem to use them without resizing the image.

Posted by Edo @ 12/01/2003 03:12 PM AST

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