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Mario Sarti

I’ve worked in Toowong for the better part of five years now.  It’s a great area.  It takes me ten minutes to get to and from work, there’s a decent pub right next to the office and there’s a pretty great selection of food in the nearby vicinity.

Mario Sarti is a fine Italian restaurant is one such place that I’ve gone to many times over the years.  It’s perfect for treating travelling guests from interstate and celebrating with the team when they’ve had a big month.  I did the latter on Friday of this week.

Mario Sarti offers up a great range of Italian dishes that are served quickly but still uses fresh ingredients and tastes great.  I’m a big fan of the lunch special.  Thirty bucks gets you a starter and a main plus wine.  Mostly recently I had the seared scallops and Morton Bay bugs fettucini.  Awesome food, served quick, so you can get in and get out.  Perfect!

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