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Hush, keep it down! Voices carry…

Happy Monday!

This weekend was pretty unmemorable… Did far too much shopping with mum on Friday, but ate good Indian food.

Saturday, Chloe arrived back from Greece and a bunch of us piled over to her house for At Night Festivities. We drank far too much and danced from about 8pm til 5am… crazy shit! It was midly humourous as we managed to dig out a video of the old skool ISB production of ‘Little Red Rockinghood’ !! haha… it was wicked funny.

(editor’s note: Little Red Rockinghood was a contraversial high school play from the mid-Nineties where in some political backstabbage, the lead female role wasn’t given to the hottest girl in school. The lead male was given to her boyfriend which made for weird tension on the set because Studly Steve or whatever the main male was called, kept trying to nail Little Red Rockinghood’s best friend.)

I eventually crashed on the softest bed that i have ever slept in at a party! i mean i’m usually the one that has to sleep in the carrot flavoured puke in the corner…. a soft bed made an amazing relief. bed = good. puke = bad.

Sunday, i got home at around 2pm and my mum made me two steaks to eat form breakfast/lunch…. amazing!

Sadly…Jess Tsang and my friends from England that are staying with her are leaving tonite… therefore about 3/4 of the people that i’ve hung out with recently will be gone… These next few weeks will truly be Matt facing Boredom straight in the face… oh goodie!

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