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Char Char Char Wine Bar & Grill

For Jen and I, one of our favourite places to eat out if we’re in the mood for steak, is Char Char Char on Eagle Street Pier.  This fanciful and ever popular monument to meat-eating has some of the best steak in Brisbane.  And don’t they know it.  If there’s two constants that we experience when we come to Char Char Char its great food and wretched service.  Let me walk you through the experience.

Kilpatrick oysters

When you arrive at the restaurant, its usually best to start with a drink at the bar.  They’ve got a decent range of beer, wine and spirits.  I’ll usually have an Asahi and Jen will have a drop of red.  Then, when you’re ready to be shown to your table, the waitress will typically point the way, let you carry your own drink there and then leave you for a full ten minutes before coming back to take your order.  Every time!

Wagyu beef spring rolls

The wagyu beef spring rolls are so delicious that it hurts.  The oysters are always super tasty too.  Then after a good ten minutes of staring at an empty plate, one of the perpetually understaffed waitstaff will come clear your plate in preperation for the mains.

300gm wagyu rump with pepper sauce

You get hit pretty hard with the upsell too.  This wagyu rump was phenomenal tasting but you get hit in the hip pocket for any extras.  A little bit here for the pepper sauce.  Another couple of bucks there for the bread rolls.  And that sparkling water isn’t free.  They stop just short of charging a ‘seating fee’.

It’s a complicated love/hate relationship with this place.  Might be time to try a new steakhouse I think.

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