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This is a subcategory dedicated to reviewing and discussing films that were made before 2000. They are loosely referred to as Classics based on the age and notoriety of the film, not its quality.

The Invisible Man [1933]


I only recently got around to watching all of the Universal Horror films of the 1930s and 40s and although I have a soft spot for the entire collection, far and away my favourite film of the lot is James Whale’s The Invisible Man starring Claude Rains.  The Invisible Man is actually Rains’ first feature role and although he is ...

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Halloween [1978]


There are only a handful of movies that I ever really watch more than once.  Most of them would be comedies.  However, I can always pop on John Carpenter’s Halloween when this time of year rolls around.  To my mind, it is the perfect slasher flick. Made on a shoe-string budget of $300,000 and starring Jamie Lee Curtis in her ...

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Shadow of a Doubt [1943]


It’s hard to believe that just one year after he made the earnest, flag-waving ode to Americana that was Saboteur, Alfred Hitchcock would follow it up with Shadow of a Doubt, a creepy paranoia-inducing thriller about an uncle who visits his sister’s family from out of town.  Sweet nature sixteen year old Charlie loves her uncle who has the same ...

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