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Da ting ting and da bling bling

My dad put me on an earlier flight back to Brunei. I leave on Wednesday instead of Sunday now.
I’m sad to go, because i dont want to be away from Rob for 6 weeks as well as all my mates here, but i’m dead excited about going because i get to see my sayang Ismay, who i havent seen in nearly 2 years, and thats a fukking long time to not see your best friend!!!! She is loving me the many manys!
Not to mention how cool it’ll be when Anna my flatmate comes out too…RAAAH!!

I chose the wrong day to wear my pink t-shirt. Sweat marks are hard to hide on a hot day. Oh golly gosh.

This is the first week NOT spent at uni. Its officially Summer. This entire week i’ve spent it with Rob. Saw the Matrix finally…it was alrite. Impressive but some of it was long winded. Spent Thursday night typically at Area again (end of term also means ZERO money) but that was fun. It was beach themed. I got to point out all the slags in hot pants and bikini tops making idiots of themselves (ala “look at that blubber fly” kind of way). Hot pants are a privilege not a right… Friday night we went to Junction, this studenty/alternative pub in town and i was stupidly persuaded to down some tequila. Not since that night i got wasted with Tom and Ronan at my place on tequila, have i EVER touched the stuff again. So i got pretty wasted again. Minus the puke. When it shut, we made our way to good old Area yet again, where I made an arse out of myself. I’m not entirely sure, but i think i got chucked into some bushes…the leaves in the hair were a giveaway. I nearly cracked my flatmate Mikey’s head open, when he tried carrying me opn his back and slipped and fell down. I heard a big CRAAAACK, but i laughed anyway…turned out it was just his knees. Rob had to hold my bag, and for once it was him getting concerned about me, instead of the other way round. At which point he told me he loved me, but i was so drunk i was convinced he was winding me up.

A bunch of people followed us home, i went out and got disgusting takeout food from across the road, but it was all gone by the time i got home. Watched my friend Mike in the 3 Doors Down video, and then passed out on the living room floor. Rob picked me up and took me to bed. Woke up, and as always on a typical Saturday morning at our flat, i cooked a huge fry up for everyone. With paper plates mind you, to save washing up. Some idiot washed their paper plate, till i pointed out that it was ok to throw them away.

My sister was meant to pick me up last night but she forgot. It was also the first night i wasnt with Rob and it felt very strange. So to make up for it, she’s givign me sum money to tide me over today, as it is Anna’s birthday, and i’m expecting that we’re going out tonight. Mikey and I suprised her on Thursday with a birthday cake…it had a marzipan shark attack marizpan people on it. Very tasty. Speaking of tasty, i’m heading off to Noodle City, as i am starving. I’ve lived off cake and soup for the last three days. I need nourishment!

See you in Brunei chickadees!!!!!

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