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What If I Kill This Post Too?

Hey kids.

So its been a rough couple of weeks. Its quite a long story too, so i’ll break it down quickly. First, me and Rob split up. I can’t say i didnt see it coming. I guess summer killed it really. And then last Friday we saw each other at the usual night out at our uni club. And by the end of the night he kissed me, took my hand and was gonna talk to me outside, but shit happened. And then i get home, and we basically hooked up that night. I asked him what the kiss was all about, and he said he wanted to and tried feeding me this BS that he missed me. I was like…like fuck you have. Anyway. I wont go further than that on that night. And then we saw each other a couple of days later. We had a big roast at our flat as we tend to do now and then…and he came into my room, snapped my underwear to tell me that he was going home and did i want to walk with them seeing as i was going to watch Flash Dance at the girl’s house anyway. So i went. And we texted each other for a few hours after that. HE texted ME, not the other way round. And he hung out with me and Owen for most of the day on Tuesday. And he came back to our flat to collect his jacket that i didnt know he left there. And he did the bastardly thing and flirted with me at the girl’s house party on wedneday night. GO FIGURE!!! WHAT THE FUCK’S UP WITH THAT!!! you’re all equipped with penises, you tell me what’s going on!

Ok. Rant over. I’ll be civilised now.

Other than that… i’ve been busy planning out our major projects. A magazine show, and a documentary. I’m more excited about the documentary we’re gonna do. We’re doing a travel log show. Basically we’re going on a road trip all over the country and filming it. We start in Aberdeen, go to Edinborough, Cardiff, Brighton and thats all the major places we have down for sure. Our trip will take 10 days, and there’s 4 of us. Should be fun…alot of work but fun. And besides…its the only thing i have to look forward to. Oh! And Ismay is here for the weekend, so thats another good thing too. I’ve been on a real downer these past couple of weeks. Not myself, and all that. So i’ve been told. I dont need to elaborate why.

Make me smile.


Posted by Angela @ 11:34 PM AST [Link] [2 comments]

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“all my loving i will send to you”


Posted by Matt @ 10/04/2003 12:31 PM AST

Sorry to hear you’re going through a rough patch. Hopefully you can get rid of the inner rage and be happy again. I’m sure Ismay and the impending road trip (which sounds awesome by the way) will help you.

*Big hug from Perth*!!!

Posted by Edo @ 10/04/2003 11:39 AM AST

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