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il campioni dell italia samo noi!!

for the second year in a row Juventus have won the Seria A…. WOOHOO! this makes me brim with pride and all i can add to that is simply: Bring on Real Madrid, you overpaid arogant fuckers.

moving on…

my first exam starts tomorow. it a french oral and so i have to learn how to speak fluent french in just over 24 hours. piece of cake. Although, tomorrow brings with it the start of all of my final school exams for the rest of my life… quite a momentus day i guess. i hope it doesnt rain.

This weekend brought with it not nearly half the excitement of the last but never the less it was a good one. I have a new girlfriend, juventus won the league and i went to watch ‘Old school’ at the cinema.

My new lady-friend is called Sara, she’s a really sexy alternative bi-sexual chick that comes free with tounge and nipple piercings.

Old school. Man this is the funniest movie that i’ve seen all year. it actually had me crying with laughter. i mean i’m not really a physical humor person but fuck this movie was good. go watch it NOW!

Huge goodluck for Westham and Chelsea today.


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