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Why I like Jessica Alba and why Geocities is gay

Okay, I was informed that my pics for my last post dont work, I have changed where they were hosted and now they do. SO GO LOOK AND SEE!!

Also, did you know that geocities wont let you just use them to store files, you have to look like you want their webspace to build a webapge? So much so that the reason my pics didnt work, is because if you dont have an index.html file in your geocities account, they wont let you access the files in it? What a crock of shit.

Still, it WAS in the terms of service, you know, that thing you don’t read before you sign up for something?

Sorry, I was just irritated.

Yes, Jessica Alba is great! I love her! and she will marry me one day! Even if she does only do adverts for Loreal and not a whole lot else.

Posted by Sam @ 11:21 AM AST [Link]

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hi, i dont know why i am here, but i am… so there

Posted by wez @ 10/19/2002 07:39 PM AST

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