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Labuan, baby!

wow, what a couple of days! I must say i really enjoyed Labuan..

There was a gathering of 8 of us… however we were split into 2 parties of 4. So it was Sophie (birthday girl), Eric, Oli Marlow and myself… between the guys (with sophie adding a stunning 1 beer) close to 50 beers were consumed! thats not including other beverages… pretty nasty. It was truly one for the books… drunken foolishness, singing, dancing, swimming, eating and laughter

Here it is broken down:

Drunken foolishness: I’m sure you can imagine what drinking of that magnitude can do to people, i think at one point eric and i sat on one half of a road and forced traffic to be diverted around us… it was good fun! i dont think the drivers took it in such good humour though!

Singing: Now what truely made this night a success was ‘the tape’! This tape contained all those old skool songs where everyone knows the words of the chorus but none of the verses. I have now decided that the best song ever created for those events is ‘higher love’ by Steve Winwood… its an inside thing

Dancing: It seems almost common around these parts, the fact that it seems that you and your friends are the only people in the club that enjoys dancing… i mean therewere like 5 other people… that is all. But lets not take away the amount of fun that was had! Good music too.

Eating: Pile on the calories! Me, Eric and Oli took this advice to heart! i tell you nothing beats Bannana fritters drenched in honey! amen!

Laughter: its kinda hard to breakdown this one… i hope you can get some kinda idea though.

Anyway… it was highly rated fun! it was certainly a 5-star evening…

Recomendation: ‘Everybody dance now’ – you forget how good this song is until you actually hear it again!

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