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Wrestling Rules

Just got back from a WWE house event in Kelowna.

Conclusion: Absolutely Fantastic.

Highlights of the night:
Big Show and Bubba Ray in a table match, bubba pumped up the crowd so well despite getting choke slammed through the table.
Hardy boys beat Justin Credible and Raven
Booker T Vs Eddie Guerreo with Rob Van Dam intervering with a huge frog splash on latino heat, great!
Benoit defend his Intercontinental Title against rob van damm
Stevie Richards getting smashed around by the dude with the hardcore title
Spike Dudley had a great match
The Fink was up to par
Fighting in the crowd was great

I have an early start at work tomorrow morning, so time to hit the sack.

Thought i would report the wrestling event though.

Posted by Pat @ 04:15 PM AST [Link]

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1. Sean O’Haire vs Shelton Benjamin
Shelton Benjamin defeats Sean O’Haire. Crowd wasn’t into it all and it only seemed like a few people other than us actually knew who they were. With the right gimmick though Shelton Benjamin could become a good star for WWE.

2. “Hardcore Championship Match” Tommy Dreamer vs. Steven Richards
Shawn Stasiak came in near the end and pinned Dreamer to win the title. Steven Richards then hit Stasiak with the Steven Kick to win the title. Tommy Dreamer than hit Richards with a move I couldn’t really make out to retain the title. Your basic Hardcore goofiness.

3. “Women’s Championship” Molly Holly vs. Victoria
Molly defeated Victoria to retain the title after putting her legs on the ropes.

4. Bradshaw vs. Christopher Nowinski
Bradshaw defeated Nowinski after hitting the Clothesline From Hell. Bradshaw was pretty over with the crowd and was getting huge pops.

5. Goldust vs. William Regal
Goldust defeated Regal after Regal went to get the brass knucks out of his tights and Golddust hit him with a running bulldog. Golddust had his left arm taped up and it seemed to be hurting him during the match,especially after the match ended.

6. “Intercontinental Championship” Chris Benoit vs. Rob Van Dam
Benoit defeats RVD with the crossface to retain the title after knocking out RVD with a belt that Guerrero had placed in the ring.


7. Spike Dudley vs. Johnny Stamboli
Johnny Stamboli defeated Spike after hitting what looked to be an almost modiefied version of the Rock Bottom. Johnny Stamboli may have the worst theme music EVER.

8. “Kelowna Street Fight Table Match” Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Big Show
HUGE pop for The Big Show. Even bigger pop for Buh Buh after making it the Kelowna Street Fight Table Match. Pretty good match with Big Show getting the win after chokeslamming Buh Buh through the table after Buh Buh failed to suplex Big Show through the table.

9. Hardy Boyz vs. Raven & Justin Credible
Hardyz defeat Raven and Credible after Credible accidentally superkicked Raven to set up the Twist of Fate/Swanton finish. Raven seemed more interested in a couple of girls flashing him than the actual match.

10. “Main Event” Booker T vs. Eddie Guerrero
They made this a No Holds Barred match at the beginning. Booker T over Guerrero with the scissor kick. Benoit came down and beat on Booker until RVD came down to clean house and hit Eddie with the * Star Splash which set up the finish. After the match RVD got Booker to do the Spinaroonie to send all the fans home happy.

Attendance: About 5000 (6000 seat arena)

A very good show and entertaining night all around. This was the first time we’ve had Pro Wrestling since WCW Monday Nitro in August 2000 so the crowd was jacked and were really loud.

Largest POPS:
1) Booker T
2) The Big Show
3) RVD
4) Hardy Boyz
5) Buh Buh Ray Dudley

Biggest Heat:
1)Eddie Guerrero
2)William Regal
3)Molly Holly
4)Sean O’Haire

Posted by Edo @ 08/11/2002 02:09 PM AST

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