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More car stories

I know this would have all happened anyway, but don’t you hate those chain e-mails that say ‘if you don’t send this on, you will have bad luck FOREVER and your whole family will die’…? I will never open one again.

My head is still spinning from last night. So, I got a job. Woo! Working for a catering company. And it’s pretty great coz my boss is cool and makes lots of jokes about the guests and I get to hand out food to lots of happy people and I was thrown in to working behind the bar (hmmm… me, estimating shots, dangerous) and everything was excellent. I was ‘introduced’ to people’s sons many, many times and by the end of the night despite being completely exhausted, I have to say that I have found myself a pretty good job.

So anyway, the real adventure starts here… I was driving away, off down the main road and I hear this ‘pftssssssssss’ (that’s me bringing onomatopoeia in to my repertoire of writing skills) and the front, left hand tire was gone… so I pulled over because that was about the only thing I knew how to do and luckily my boss’ son was in the car with me because he seemed to know exactly what he was doing and went to work trying to get the spare on. In about half an hour it was all done and I was notably impressed. So we set off again with all good intentions to pull over at the next service station and top it up with air…

Well, we went straight past one servo by accident but what an accident it turned out to be because before we got to the next one, ‘pftssssssssss’ the tyre was gone again. Two tyres gone, Northern suburbs, 9 o’clock on a Saturday night. Trust me, this is NOT a good situation to be in. So I called my parents who were actually having a party at out place but they both came out – it took almost an hour to get there – while we sat and waited, observing lots of weirdos from various walks of life randomly making their way passed. There was one guy who obviously suffered from some mental disability that came over. He was wearing a lacy woman’s ‘teddy’ type lingerie top and a pair of stubbies and was intent on fixing the car for us but when he started insisting that I open the hood, I drew the line. It was worrying.

Finally my parents got there and after careful inspection dad decided that the tyre wasn’t that flat at all and that what had in fact happened was a re-arrangement of the wheel alignment (definitely my fault… parking will be practiced). Less immediately problematic but muuuuch more expensive. So we pulled over at the next service station and filled up all the tyres which were all really flat (now my car sits up like, half a metre higher!) and we got home at 11ish.

Good news is that mum filled up my car with petrol (I was starting to wonder how long it would run on empty…) Bad news is that the money I made last night working is no way going to cover the repairs to the car and the HUGE phone bill trying to ring the RAA, my parents etc… and I didn’t get to see my cousin who was over from Melbourne.

Note:  This blog was written by Erin Wallis

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