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You know, as i logged on to this site earlier i realized that the last two entries emit the most depressing vibes around the site… Sloth and Dullness. So the title of this update is a clever trick to try brighten up the site… dont be too surprised if it doesnt work.

So, i’ve been reading through some books about Gap years (this would be for next year). and i must say that there is some truly wicked shit out there… i mean i could hang around doing work in wicked ass african places OR i can go and try and stop the suicide bombings in Israel OR even go meet up with Erin in Costa Rica! the choices are endless! Mind you what ever i do it’ll cost me in the region of 2000 quid!! but on the bright side it might be my escape route so i can finnaly get out of having Christmas at the Brunei Yatch Club… AGAIN! (it has been an on-going tradition between my family, edo’s family and some other friends for around 5 years now!)

Well anyway this has left me with fuck all to say… except a massive congratulations are in order for Sam ‘Noodles’ Oakley… you know what for buddy. I’m proud of ya.


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