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Everybody think happy positive thoughts for Westham today. Today is the day of reckoning.

And very quickly: On Friday I started boxing again. Using a new technique called ‘Mentally envisioning people I want to destroy’ made things a lot easier than normal. The fact that lots of people have pissed me off recently made it even easier. The Hulk Up program is going very nicely thank you. I’m eating well and next Friday I’m going to weigh myself to see how Week 1 went.

Posted by Edo @ 01:17 PM AST [Link] [3 comments]

Replies: 3 comments

ooo… you run your mouth. if i remember correctly there was no tapping out and if there was choke holds are illegal. poo face

Posted by Matt @ 05/12/2003 01:41 AM AST

I use this method to kick Matt’s ass whenever I see him. Although admittedly, last time I got him to tap I simply smothered his face so he couldn’t breathe.

Posted by Edo @ 05/11/2003 11:49 PM AST

hey edo,
i always envision myself when ever i’m going through training techinques, its good cuz you kinda realise how you’d react to fighting yourself so you not only work out ways to couter it, but also ways to get around that counter and so on and so forth…

Posted by jassa @ 05/11/2003 11:22 PM AST

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