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Panicking? Who’s panicking?

Damn, almost out of time.

My media law exam is in half an hour. I dont know whereabouts it is tho. Got back yesterday, in a good mood despite sitting next to the world’s smelliest boy on the airplane.

Got into the flat, made a sandwich, unpacked, got showered and zonked out on the couch until everyone woke up HOURS later. Old feelings resurfaced when people came round and we were all chatting about general stuff. I was like, bollocks, i forgot about this. I really did have my head buried in teh sand in Brunei. Speaking of sand, the beach last week was good. Except i have three sandfly bites on my thigh, which makes scratching really vulgar. So i can’t.

I should go make an effort to find my exam room.

We’re going Fabric on Friday.

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