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I foight like me dad as well

ho ho ho

i’m having a lil pre christmas party at my friends place. its very christmassy, and i’m having fun. we had turkey and the works. delicious. I went on a massive shopping spree and managed to get everything for everybody. We had a draw for a secret santa, so whoever’s name u pick ou thats who u get a pressie for. So i bought jelly willies for my friend darragh. heh heh.

My flight is tomorow. Its strange, because, i was looking forward to going, but now…i’m having fun at the moment and its kinda sad to go. Tim, i didnt laugh at the pictures, honest. Naaaah! Dance music…well…i like my dance music…cheesy stuff like Roger Sanchez and i like my drum and bass as well…and if i had to be really honest, i’m sorry but some tunes that rude boy gits like Oxide and Neutrino belt out you just cant help but move to. If i wanted to get all Ibiza like i’d say Darude’s Sandstorm was pretty cool too.

I havent packed yet. People are going away for the holidays, and its getting a bit sad. I had my trainer stolen to make sure i couldnt go far tonight. BUggery bollocks. OKay, i’m getting called anti social for neing on the computer, so for the fellas that are in Brunei, i’ll see u on wednesday!!

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