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Friday Brunei Update

When you go to the beach always cover up incase of sandflies… ALWAYS! my god! i had a bbq at the beach (thrown together by some friends of mine for my birthday) and holy hell did i get some sandfly bites. I fucking couldnt sleep last night cause i was scratching all over the fucking place…. bastards!

Anyway, in other news my dad flew out to Aus today… which means to see him off i had to wake up at 9am and i only just got home… its 10pm! My god what a day… i’ve been trying on pants (not underwear) to send off for my brother for the past 3 days! i’ve taken my pants off more times in the last week than i have ever in the entire history of my life combined. crazy.

As there are some people over from my school (staying with Jess Tsang) i have done everything that brunei has to offer, all crammed into one week… and may i add that i went to JP (an amusement park for those who dont know) and it was still fucking cool… i mean they reduced the lighting on everything, and a bunch of rides dont work… but for $15 you can go on all the best rides as many times as you want… NO QUEUES!

Seeing as my dog for 7 years passed away recently (about 2 months ago) me and my mum went dog hunting today… now just out interest what do the other bloggers and readers of this site think are good names for dogs? list ’em in the comments box (it could be wicked helpful for me).

On a less personal note: I am also sorry to hear bout the guy who lost his finger…

Thought: How likely is it that Mike spends that $600 on comics?

Posted by Matt @ 09:38 PM AST [Link]

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I reckon Barney is a cool dog name if its all shaggy and stuff. My friend’s is called Billie Joe. I think it would be cool to name your dog like a rapper, like call it O-Gor sumthing. Maybe puff doggy….

Posted by Sam @ 07/27/2002 06:32 PM AST

call it satan. keeps the chrsitians away.

Posted by mike @ 07/27/2002 04:32 PM AST

Noodles, Winston and Chips.

Posted by Edo @ 07/27/2002 03:44 AM AST

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