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Who’s Getting Married First?

So, i’m the middle of a conversation with Edo and we happen to be talking about if this site was to keep continuing as it is and lasts for a long time (5 more years?) who whould be most likely to get hitched out of our beloved staff… and more importantly i wanna be invited!! i’ve never been to a wedding before.

Heres the list we came up with:

1. Mike
2. Sam
3. Pat
4. Dan
5. Angie
6. Edo
7. Matt

how do i figure this? well let me explain.
Mike: currently living with his highschool sweetheart, they’ve been together for around 6-7 years, been living together for 2.
Sam: sam is a rockstar… he was born to be a rockstar. therefore to fit into the stereotypical ‘rockstar’ persona he will marry in his early 20s.
Pat: pat said that within the next 5 years that he is planning on settling down… thus putting him high on the list as he has, what i dont… goals. (plus the fact that he’s off to europe, could get one of those drunken marriages!)
Dan: dan is one of those people that we find his girl and realise that she is right… however crazy steph is not advised dan. !!
Angie: Angie seems to be enjoying Uni way too much these days to bother changing her life and getting married… party on Angie
Edo: edo is near the bottom simply dude to him not knowing where he will be next year and thus may involve moving cities, friends etc. he’ll then need to settle down again… so no marridge soon.
Matt: Same as edo really, except the fact that i’m not even 20, and i have absoltely nothing to offer.

no one should take any offence to this as no offence is intended.

If you dont agree then feel free to comment on it.


Posted by Matt @ 04:56 PM AST [Link] [7 comments]

Replies: 7 comments

Er, Are we talking about Mike and Erin from Milkplus? If so, they’ve been married for a couple years now. I just googled in here, btw. I used to be their housemate up in Darwin.

Posted by Lori @ 09/13/2003 07:02 AM AST

I love making up Sam’s destiny…

so far we have that he will be an over-possessive rockstar parent that will marry young.


Posted by Matt @ 09/06/2003 11:19 AM AST

Lil’ Tommy and Angelica!

Posted by Edo @ 09/05/2003 11:34 PM AST

i dont want to be some scary auntie. Maybe i’ll be the cool auntie that they smoke cigarettes with.


It’ll be like something out of Rug Rats. All our children in one massive play pen.

Posted by angela @ 09/05/2003 11:07 PM AST

Tom should have lots of kids. And they can crawl over Uncle Sam.

Posted by Edo @ 09/05/2003 10:44 PM AST

he has to name it after us. All of us.

And Tom’s baby is STILL sonna be Molly-Jason…regardless of gender

Posted by ange @ 09/05/2003 10:23 PM AST

I would just like to add I think Angie would make a great fussy mom and Sam would be a neat over-protective dad. It is his destiny to have a daughter.

Posted by Edo @ 09/05/2003 05:02 PM AST

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  1. Kinda interesting how this turned out

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