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Let the Old South Rise Again

Today was a strange mix of good and bad.

I burnt my tongue severly this morning when i was trying to make English trifle. I was making the rasberry jam for the trifle and didn’t let it cool long enough before i tasted it. So for half the day i ended up saying ‘vely’ instead of ‘very’. It’s just too painful to pronounce hard consonants when your tongue is burnt. Well, the trifle looked and tasted good in the end, so i guess that’s some consolation.

Brunei afternoons are sooo hot these days. They’re only good for one thing – Siesta.

Don’t you just love it when you have to tailor four different outifits for one wedding? It’s always a good thing…

Watch out for those North Carolinan girls, 1) you can never understand what they’re saying (the accent is so thick) and 2) everyone knows that most Southern women are hussies. A land full of cheerleaders and beauty queens. The facade of a lady but the heart of a jezebel. Heheh, okay, maybe i’m just playing on stereotypes. Just don’t ask her to sing ‘Dixie’, Edo.

Here’s a joke that Reese Witherspoon (who’s from Tennessee) told on The Tonight Show:

Q: Why do most Southern women make bad prostitutes?
A: Because they’re too busy sending ‘Thank You’ notes to all their customers.

I thought it was funny.

Posted by Annie @ 08:43 PM AST [Link]

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Aren’t girls who act like ladies but perform like harlots under the sheets the best kind?

She had SEXY THICK RIMMED GLASSES. She looked secretaryish. In a good way.

If she had braces as well, I’d marry her.

Posted by Edo @ 07/27/2002 03:47 AM AST

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