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Tuesday Notes

I have decided that i am now “self-sufficient”! yay! i can do all i need to help myself live on my lonesome… except maybe iron. damn.

There may soon be a breakthrough with my Job searching… so while i wait (i have become quite skilled at this), i will resume watching the first series of 24 on DVD. woo!

The Cat Empire show on the weekend, absolutly brilliant… seriously. definatly one of the best best (if not THE best) band i’ve seen live. Pure musical talent and an atmosphere that would make even the most stubborn person dance along. it was simply a celebration of music. they’re touring australia at the moment and i recommend them as a “must see”.

As for this weekend, its shaping up to be rather fun-packed. Good high-temp days with lots of sunshine and lots of stuff to do and see. Theres some big Water Festival in the city that lasts for 4 days, free music, free movies, waterskiing comps, sandcastle building comps and big ass parades. hooray! (i’m really just a big kid)… also thrown into the mix is the Melbourne Formula 1 grand prix (of which i’m a big fan)… so i think i’ll go and catch that.

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