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Now Playing: Gears of War 3

Just before she left for China for two weeks ago, Jen bought me a copy of Gears of War 3 to ‘keep me busy’ while she was gone.  I just completed playing through the game in co-op mode with my brother-in-law Matt this week.  It’s a great game and I’ll do a write up on it soon.

This morning I looked up to see whether we still had a copy of the review of the original game from 2006.  Unfortunately, its been lost to the great non-cached Internet website in the sky.  However I did find a short blog post about when I got the game – it reminded me that Jen bought me the original game as a surprise too.  And the accompanying photo also reminded me of just how terrible our phones and music devices were back in 2006.  Was I really using a Sony Ericcson K608i and a 2gb iPod Nano back then? O_0

2006 - Gears of War 1

2011 - Gears of War 3


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