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Little Labi, Baby

Its been a busy week… i’m gonna make this brief as i wanna go downstairs and eat my coco pops.

From heading off to the border with 9 people earlier this week, to going to the beach the next day and having a late night bbq and other festive goodness, to spending three wicked days in labuan… and i STILL dont have my shopping done! ass.

– So lets talk labuan –
(The cast: Me, Mike, Marlow, Ben, Jess, Chris, Luke, Batgirl and Mel)

A typically good labuan trip has come and gone, and despite it being good to actually get some comfy sleep in my own bed again, i will miss living with everyone and spending our days eating fastfoody goodness, bowling til our hearts content, drinking into oblivion and of course… the dancing.

Somewhere between Mike throwing thunder down the bowling alley, luke trying to get into numerous fights in the clubs and chris telling some married german woman that he loved her in german… we somehow ended up at the labuan police station with lots of cops yelling at us “rich white kids”. although using my esteemly tuned in negotiating skills we managed to out unharmed and fine-less. good times.

anyway, i can hear the coco pops calling my name… Love it.


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