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You know that feeling when your just minding your own business and then all of a sudden someone comes into your life and you realize that there is no use fighting as you have fallen deeply in love and there will be no turning back EV-ER? well it happened to me the other day… but alas this is not a story about a person, but rather the “legendary” BBNT… This beautiful acronim stands for: Burgers, Burittos, Nachos and Tacos. Could it be more perfect? So now my plan is to move out of my brother’s house and camp outside this place. WOO!

Valentine’s day came and went… i never really value it too much. From my knowledge it is a “holiday” created by Hallmark so that we could spend money buying their products. So it all sounds kinda suspect to me… We should create a “Tiong Hins Day!” to counteract the evil ploy of those whom work for Hallmark. However, i guess it is a nice idea to show the one that you love that you really do love them (incase you dont anyother day of the year)… mind you, no one loves me so it seemed wasted this year. Infact i take that back, i had an intimate half hour with a bowl (or 3) of some ridiculously good chocolate icecream.

Ben is back in Melbourne now… he makes me laugh. this makes me happy. therefore i am happy that Ben is back in Melbourne (are you starting to see how my logic works?)!

I STILL have no job!! the bastards at the employment place told me that i am an ass and should go away. well ok, maybe they didnt use those words but thats how i read into it. My friend told me on the phone that i should just go and knock on every door in the city, hand out resumes and beg for jobs… it sounds pretty low, but then again i’m not really in a position to complain.. i suppose she has a point. ass.

The weather is REALLY getting hot over here… i wish my aircon in brunei was one that i could fold down so it fits snuggly into my pocket… i would haev to coolest pocket in the world! WOO!

I’m gonna go se The Cat Empire next weekend… it will be much rocks.

takecare and hubbabubba bubblegum for all!


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