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What you hear about Amsterdam – it’s all true

This last weekend I was in Amsterdam where I proceeded to walk through this city that all you seem to hear about is pot and hookers. Well theres plenty of pot where you can buy it at any old store as well as Magic Mushrooms that they advertise selling in the windows. Who freakin advertises to sell shrooms, whats with this place. Did some shopping where i purchased a badass Real Madrid shirt with the name Beckham on the back and another shirt with Homer Simpson on the front getting high. Also went to the red light district and watched lots of middle-aged-british men trying to combine their change to get a blowjob. Then we decided to hit the Ajax match that night as i heard they were playing the team at the top of the table. Ajax throughly kicked this teams ass 4-1, and i think if they didnt there would have been a riot. The away fans sit in this little section thats completely surrounded by nets so they dont get things thrown at them. But it was an awesome match, great atmosphere, loudest crowd sounds i have ever heard.

After this, me and my buddy adam who was already drunk when i got back with Carson went to this club named Escape. It cost a ridiculous 14 euro to get in, but i didnt care, youre not in Amsterdam every night. They played the stereotypical european techno/trance/house music that was pretty crazy and sounded excellent…dan bell would have loved it, as all 2000 people at the club were just dancing like machines drinking double vodka’s and redbull. We left at 5am and the place was still just going crazy like no tomorrow. This one dude passed out from E i assumed, didnt look too good. I guess this is an average night in an Amsterdam club.

On the way home me and adam got lost…had no idea where to go after we were chatting to probably the hottest english girl i have ever seen. After an hour of sitting on a bench looking like drunk homeless people we realized our place was only around the corner.

Theres this Scottish girl that came with us that is probably the most ANNOYING person i have ever met. She just complains, borrows money and doesnt pay you back, tells you to do things for her, talks about her loser boyfriend all the time, and on top of that she is just plain ugly. I hope she doesnt read this by the way.

Now im back at school realizing i spent way too much money that is why i am living it low right now. Tonight is this cultural dinner club that the school organizes for us International Students so that we can meet other people i guess. I am planning to meet this crazy good looking Spanish girl named Africa…ever her name is beautiful. Thats my mission for this dinner, and to eat some good food too.

This is among the longest posts i have ever done.

Peace out brothas

Posted by Pat @ 09:09 PM AST [Link] [4 comments]

Replies: 4 comments

yeah, jimmy is right. the red light district hits you before you even know it. and BAM there’s some fat ugly black hooker propositioning you.

Posted by mike @ 09/18/2003 04:27 PM AST

Haha, the horny devil shirt…i have that lying around somewhere. What a find.

Yeah Matt…the atmosphere in the stadium is crazy. I love it…going back for another match sometime i think.

Posted by Pat @ 09/18/2003 04:14 PM AST

Nice excuse Jimmy.

Pat, good luck with Africa man.

So glad you’re still in the habit of buying really classy t-shirts. (*remembers the Horny Devil shirt in Labuan*)

Posted by Edo @ 09/18/2003 07:13 AM AST

Isnt the Amsterdam AreA just the best!! its so fucking steep!! i went to see Ajax beat AZ 6-1… awesome atmosphere… replays too!

Posted by Matt @ 09/17/2003 10:56 PM AST

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