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Anticipation bleeds me dry

It has been settled! my tickets to see the two towers have been booked and confirmed! i will witness the expected masterpiece… tomorrow, at 10pm. So good!

its quite amusing really, i am watching this movie with 7 other people and one of them being edo, seeing as i watched the first movie in brunei this time last year with edo… no doubt the same setup will present itself next year, as the final part of the trilogy concludes. I am doomed to watch this movie sitting with edo on one side of me and my mum on the otherside asking me questions such as ‘so whats going on now?!’, ‘who’s that guy?!’ … ah the joy of foreign mothers.

So i got excepted to another University yesterday! mucho happiness! now i just gotta get the grades required… less good.

Talking to the drummer for my band, we should be recording by the begining of feb. i’ll keep you posted.



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