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They call them fingers but I don’t ever seem them fing

– i don’t smoke so i can’t recommend any cigarettes.

– the Lesbian Death angle obviously plays out on the next ep of Buffy so I won’t say much else till next Monday.

– If I read Dan’s update right, I think he got laid. Not sure. I’ll read again. It’s sort of like Mulholland Drive or something.

– My flatmate is leaving the house tomorrow overnight for the first time since we moved in. So I’m taking advantage of the rare opportunity to make some noise by inviting a bunch of people over and drink and stuff. Pat can tell you about how important and rare this is. For about a week when he was here, literally all my flatmate ever said to us, was ‘Shut up shut up shut up’ every night at 2Am when we were playing MonkeyBalls.

– there’s still at least four more people on here who are registered to blog who haven’t done so yet.

– I hear some people are interested in forming a Spy Magazine UK edition. Ho ho! (SMUK)

– blah blah blah Plug The Forum No One Uses blah blah blah

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