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I feel rather left out

I must live in a box.
I know nothing about comics.
Nothing about Ghost World. Actually, I had never herd of it.

But I can relate to mike. I LOVE SEX 🙂

Finally Sophy is coming back on Thursday 🙂 We’re going to Gomez that night. Should be good fun, I’ve not been to a concert in absolutely years. I think the last one was Michael Jackson in Brunei! I normally stick to dance parties, but I’ve decided to expand my music tastes.

OK, so I know it’s not cool to drive drunk. But how about stoned? Here is a little story from the weekend.
April, Emily and I sit out side a church in the Ute and proceed to smoke three nice big joints. After a wander through the church blazed to the days (I highly recommend this, absolute amazing experience!), we pile back in the Ute and head for home. Driving home I discovered if you squint your eyes so everything goes blurry you can only see head lights, tail lights and street lights and it feels like you are floating long the motorway. I turn to April who is driving and inform her about my discovery. So here we are cursing down the motorway, April with her eyes half shut, yelling “Oh fuck man, wow this is cool!”. Meanwhile Em and I are pissing out selves with laughter.

Yeah I know it was stupid, but do you think I care? Hmmm possibly.

What cigarettes does everybody smoke? If you smoke at all. I’m a camel fan, and I also found Cameo the other day. They have a cool satin tip. Very classy!

I have to work late again tonight. 🙁

Posted by Tim @ 12:00 PM AST [Link]

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To the best of my knowledge it’s a different Sophy. Dan?

Posted by Tim @ 07/18/2002 05:24 AM AST

You’re nailing Dan’s sister?

Posted by Edo @ 07/17/2002 03:33 AM AST

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