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Happy New Year!

I think August must be some sort of record for discussion about New Years. Actually, I think last year our New Years planning wasn’t finalized until about twenty minutes before we got on the ferry to Labuan to commence three days of astonishing substance abuse and bowling. I remember Rod told me on the phone he was deciding in the car on the way to my house whether he would come or not. Dramatic, no?

Of course, as it turned out, it was an absolutely brilliant New Years. One of the best, if not the best ever and it seems we got all the ingredients to repeat the formula assuming Polly’s sisters’ club is still open (I don’t see why not, its the best club in Labuan).

Ah…a New Year in Brunei post. Why not?

1999: Me and Mike get drunk in a lime field. While lying on the floor and on the verge of passing out, Ed Ross craftily converted Mike to Christianity. To this day I don’t think Mike ever renounced his faith so he’s been a Presbyterian for like 4 years now.

2000: I fell asleep before the millenium New Year. Terrific. I kinda remember throwing yoghurt at Simon Hansman and waking up with a Playstation controller up my butt.

2001: We watched porno, Bambi and The Gift. Unsuccessfully tried locking Nick Donovan out of our hotel room. I think Dian got more action with Kate than I did. Or maybe not. I can’t really remember. Matt slept in vomit. Hehe.

2002: Edo moody. I was all grumpy and I can’t remember why. We bought some snake wine with three snakes coiled inside for like 200 bucks. Only Marlow drank any of it.

2003: Bowling and buds. For THREE DAYS. Oh man, it was great. We stayed at the Waterfront hotel, got real drunk and played Marlow’s stupidly difficult drinking games. Club was great. I didn’t think me and Mike dancing to techno would ever happen.

Yes, nothing happened at school today so I have to talk about stuff from four years ago.

Dawson’s Creek starts tomorrow. And I’m going to watch The Italian Job only I’ve put myself in a bind by promising to go with the girls (Mcgee, Denise, Mel) and the guys (Kolitha, Timmy, Pat). If I could plan things out I could get everyone to go to the same screening. More than likely, I will panic and just go with no one and ruin the night for everyone.

Social skills get worse by the day.

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