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Hold your head up high, ’cause tomorrow you may die

So, as promised a quick rundown of the new Ranicd record; Indestructible.

I now understand why they went with Warner for their distribution. This record NEEDS to be heard. this is what their last album should have been. a return to what made them great. a return to form.

As you’d expect with Rancid, the album has a similar sound running through it. except this time it’s not ska, or hardcore, or street-punk, or crazy experimental stuff. It sounds like fucking Rancid. it’s all their albums in one cranked up to 11. but it flows so smoothly. i don’t want to compare it to …And Out Come The Wolves. but it’s the only way to describe the way every song flows perfectly into the next. just like the way a classic album is meant too.

The usual themes are touched here as on all their other albums; war, friendship, social issues, homelessness, and punk stuff. but something that really stands out on the record is that Tim is evidently dealing with his recent divorce. There are three songs that appear to be dedicated to the issue. it’s like Rancid doing their own take on emo. seriously though, those three songs (Indestructible, Fall Back Down, Tropical London) are by and large some of the strongest songs on the record, if not that they’ve ever written.

I did note that there is far less singing from both Lars and Matt on this record but it really isn’t missed as Tim’s voice is a lot more intelligible on this record and he doesn’t sound drunk as fuck like on the last record.

I know this review seems a little one-sided, especially after how much i bashed them in the forum a while back for distributing through Warner. which don’t get me wrong, still pisses me off just for the hypocrisy of the whole thing. but if you take this record purely for what it is, without all the bullshit baggage that comes with being “punk”, then it is hands down the best record of the year so far.

I’ll say it again. A return to motherfucking form.

recommended tracks: Start Now, Memphis, Back Up Against The Wall, Stand Your Ground.

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  1. This album NEEDED to be heard

  2. hush now. hindsight is 20/20.

  3. I believe this was the year after I gave Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones a glowing five star review.

  4. I love reading through old posts…

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