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And so it begins…

The urn: as small as a hamster

The urn: as small as a hamster

Cricket’s oldest rivalry has just got under way as the Mighty England face the expelled convicts from years passed..

Alot has been made in the build up of this 5-test series with the Aussies having smashed England the last time they played in Australia 5-0..  But with most of the Aussies’ best players retiring after that series and the new comers having about as much combined test experience as the FATwebsite, the games are set to be delicately poised.. I am very much looking forward to this series as I will be spending the first two tests in the UK then for the other three I will be in the enemy territory having to wake up at ungodly hours to watch seemingly endless hours cricket… brilliant!

With the first test starting today (ending on sunday) in Cardiff, the conditions of the pitch are suited to spin bowling. Its a good thing that the Aussies, now without Shane Warne, can’t spin a top.. and we have monty!

Cue this:

Panesar: as agile as a hamster

Monty Panesar: as agile as a hamster

and this:

Ponting: about as talented as a hamster

Ricky Ponting: the leadership of a hamster

Squiggles: a hamster

Squiggles: a hamster

Oh and one more thing… “get your stars off our flag!”  😉


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  1. I’m going for England too. The Australian cricket team is way too arrogant and dominant to be likable. Plus, as Matt points out, Punter is a terrible captain.

    I’ve also signed up for’s Fantasy Ashes series. I’m in a league of players from both my work and Fox Sport pundits.

    I’m feeling pretty good about picking Johnson. Hopefully Monty delivers too.

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