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Everybody sing along with the anthems of our generation

I have an awesome story to tell.

I went to a bar downtown last night called the Wildcat Lounge, because my friend’s band Farrago were playing (who by the way are awesome and you should check em out, they have mp3s on
Anyway, after the show I am sat at the bar, and who the fuck should walk in….

wait for it

ONLY CHRIS KNAPP!! yes, thats right…”Kid” as he is affectionately called, the drummer for the Ataris was in Wildcat last night.
So me and Josh from Farrago walked up to him, and Josh had met him before and so we were introduced. I then spent the entire night talking to him, about music, about bands in general, what he was into and such like. He told me all about the new album, inspirations for and such, and how much they hated playing Boys Of Summer but it was a record label thing.

I got his phone number and he got mine.

And he is coming to our show next Friday, to see my band.

How awesome is that.

He was one of the nicest guys I have ever met. I am such a fanboy. It was funny coz the barmaid was all up on my shit…Like, she really wanted a piece of the Sam, but I kicked her to the curb to talk to Kid…

I figure she will be there every night….he won’t.

I plan to brag about this for at least 3 more weeks. Sorry.

Posted by Sam @ 08:51 AM AST [Link] [5 comments]

Replies: 5 comments

yeah. the fucker should have listened to it by now. stupid rockstar ataris bastards.

Posted by mike @ 12/05/2003 10:16 PM AST

Hehe, you sound pretty cut about it Mike

Posted by Edo @ 12/05/2003 06:46 PM AST

dude. ask him if he listened to our fucking demo yet?

Posted by mike @ 12/05/2003 06:41 PM AST

damn fucking straight you’ll brag sam! if it happened to me nobody would hear the end of it. oh, next time you see him tell to listen to jassa and mike’s records that we gave to their roadie in melbourne. i’m sure they’ll love it 😉

i’m jealous.

Posted by jassa @ 12/05/2003 03:19 PM AST

Very impressive. Rocking night

Posted by Mikes Erin @ 12/05/2003 09:26 AM AST

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