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Char Char Char Wine Bar & Grill


For Jen and I, one of our favourite places to eat out if we’re in the mood for steak, is Char Char Char on Eagle Street Pier.  This fanciful and ever popular monument to meat-eating has some of the best steak in Brisbane.  And don’t they know it.  If there’s two constants that we experience when we come to Char ...

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Hush, keep it down! Voices carry…

Happy Monday! This weekend was pretty unmemorable… Did far too much shopping with mum on Friday, but ate good Indian food. Saturday, Chloe arrived back from Greece and a bunch of us piled over to her house for At Night Festivities. We drank far too much and danced from about 8pm til 5am… crazy shit! It was midly humourous as ...

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