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The FAT Website FIFA World Cup Fantasy League

It’s on!  Thanks to Munch for very kindly creating our very own TFW fantasy football league for the World Cup.  All you need to do is to go to and create an account for yourself where you get a swanky avatar like so

Then join our Official FAT Website league by using the promo code 236283-120093

Only ONE day left people.  ONE DAY!

EDIT: Well done lads.  We came together and formed a decent sized league in just 24 hours.  There’s still time left to join the league if you’re reading this and are still on the fence.

The TFW FIFA World Cup Football League

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  1. Oh I see.. you’re all (except Mike) wearing australia shirts.. you make me sick! Have you forgotten your roots?! shame…

  2. my thoughts exactly. sellouts.

  3. 🙁 FIFA’s email servers seem to have died, don’t think I’ll get the confirmation email in time.

  4. here are good site

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