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Look at this morose motherfucker right here

got back from Adelaide on Wednesday. excellent trip. spent an entire week recording Jassa’s new CD. didn’t see sunlight for like 5 days. but it’s done. and we’re happy. and it sounds fucking awesome. select tracks should be available in a few days on for your listening pleasure. I will be spending my four day weekend burning multiple copies. and getting the covers done. hours of fun.

aside from that not much else going on. went back to work yesterday. same old shit. except i got to be in a photo shoot for a new brochure that Salmat (the company i work for) is making. which is retarded because as many of you know i am highly un-photogenic. oh well…at least i got 2 hours off the phone.

hey edo, so are you going to move to melbourne then? that’d be cool. hey, and you were right, there are a shitload of homeless people in Adelaide, like epedemic proportions. however, it’s still my favorite city in Australia. very scenic and not too busy.

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