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Election Stalemate Day 12

Two weeks after the Election and we’re still sorting out this hung parliament business.  As expected, both of the major party leaders have been holding talks with the Independant candidates and offering a crapload of pork in exchange for their support to form a government.  So while the major election issues were around the National Broadband Network and population growth, now Abbott and Gillard are going to have to scrape over the line by putting forward policies about the banana industry, rural transport infrastructure and the pokies to appease the demands of the Independants who hold the power.

The most considerable offering so far has been Tony Abbott’s offer of a BILLION DOLLARS to a Tasmanian hospital in an attempt to woo Independant MP Andrew Wilkie.  I can’t really imagine how you’d spend that kind of money.  Particularly on a hospital for a town that has a population of just 200,000 people.  Still, Wilkie turned away from it and declared an allegiance with Julia Gillard.  With Rob Oakeshott indicating he’ll make a decision over the weekend we may finally have a decision made by this coming Monday.  And its looking more and more like Julia Gillard will remain as Prime Minister of Australia.

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