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This is a numbers and figures post.

Now, then. Long time readers of our site back when it was The FAT Website will remember a site that went up called Bangkingz which was a total rip-off of the layout and format of our site. Which is understandable since we’re pretty groovy and who wouldn’t want a piece of the action by totally pretending to be us.

There’s been a smattering of copycats since then, most recently some site called MarcosOwnsMe or something. I can’t remember the address. Maybe try adding a dot com on there. Well, I found another copycat today. Or should I say, a carbon copy. Someone has taken our whole site and stuck it on their server. I have no idea why. They don’t even change our names or anything. And it’s very up to date. Weird eh. Check it out here. I have no idea what to make of it. It’s hosted on some Japanese porno server called ‘Sok Sok’.

To give you an idea of the numbers we’re doing these days, we’re averaging around 600 unique visits a day which is about as good as we’ve ever done. I didn’t really want to bring this up until I felt it was safe because Polly accused me of public slander. I told her it was nonsense and that ‘no one read the site except for me and a couple of friends’. On Good Friday, the day things went sour, for some reason we did astronomically well and garnered nearly 900 unique visits that day. Ssssh. I think it’s okay to say this now as I assume she’s stopped reading the site.

Not very entertaining referrals. Here’s some:

Olsen Twins, male g-spot, filthy sanchez, filthy whore.

I’m assuming most of these are through Google. Funnily enough, they are all accurate searches. We have material on all the above searches.

Probably the most notable search was some people or more likely one person, searching for info about Polly. There were a couple of searches for “Edo Polly” and “Polly Leddar” and sure enough, if you type both in Google with the quotation marks attached, our site comes up first.

I did a search in Google for “Edo Inoue” (with quotation marks) and hooray, I still come up first. In fact, I come up in the first few results including one where Justin calls me a genius “…like Rod”. Unfortunately, clicking on the link reveals an email I wrote to Justin when I first came to Perth where I didn’t know how to cook anything and I was complaining about having to eat noodles all the time. Not much has changed really.

Best of all, searching for myself on Google unconvered this little gem. It’s the history of our site as written by Dan! . Good stuff.

Generally, I avoid doing these posts too often as talking about hits and stuff seems to jinx our writers in to months-long writer’s block. Oh well.

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Edo currently lives in Australia where he spends his time playing video games and enjoying his wife's cooking.

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