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A pox on Bru-Net!

I would have updated earlier, but it took ages for Brunet to work properly. Stop laughing at me.

Yo, just got back from Kuala Belait, man that place keeps getting better every time.

Q: What do you do when you run out of friends in one place?
You move to another place (i.e. KB)

That night was later spent at Boltick’s house drinking Kahluah and Apple juice (which we named “SHEEZNIK”) and laughing in a drunken state about putting “Beef in the taco”.
Ah, life is sweet.

Well, I must extend my utmost apologies to my long-time friend Roderick Nicol for not being there to see him off. All I can say is have a good time in England and enjoy your Dreamcast you bastard.

Back to normal life (school) on Monday. Shit. Better catch up on the work I was supposed to do over the holidays.

In the meantime you can have a listen to this remix of Enya.

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  1. Dan’s 10 year old link to his remix of the Enya song still works. WTF.

  2. Holy crap. You’re right.

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