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Sexy indoor soccer

Today I was supposed to go snowboarding but I didn’t as I was tired from playing indoor soccer last night in this men’s league I joined. I was playing with all these old men who were always pushing me around and swearing loads, I actually managed to play two games despite my unfitness and tied both games. My legs are aching so much due to last night, I can’t even walk up the stairs.

Sexy soccer, hopefully the outdoor soccer will start soon when the snow melts away, I like soccer. I hope the coach likes me better than my last soccer coach who kicked me off the team for skipping swimming classes and being a dick.

I forgot to go to school today, oh well. Hopefully they won’t notice.

I just got back from Taco Time, where I had a good stuffing of mexican fast food. Whether it be burrittos, fajitas or tacos (I probably spelt those all wrong). I ate it.

How come in my last update, I just mention girls and then everyone says its my best update ever. My god what a horny bunch of friends I have.

Dammit, I have to scorekeep basketball games on friday night. Some friday night I am going to have, getting paid like $2 an hour. What kind of pay is that, male prostitutes get more than that. I need a job, i applied for a couple of jobs the other day with my macho resume that has jackshit on it as I have lived in Brunei for so long.

I heard Edo has been screwing lots of little girls and little goats in Brunei. Is this true?

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