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It’s pretty blatantly clear that Matt just wants to be me

It amuses me that Matt thinks he is doing something original by dying his hair blue. Especially since this whole hair thing started coz matt said he had done his red, and I said I was glad I had changed mine to blue so we didnt look like red haired losers.

I turn your attention to the opening line of my post entitled “This song is a poem to myself, it helps me to live” posted on the 24th of November:

“Boy, I’m so glad I changed my hair color so me and Matt didn’t look like red hair bum buddies. Mine is blue now.”

He should really read other people’s posts.

In other news, I saw bouncing souls and anti-flag, and it was great. It made me happy. Very happy. So happy that I bought an Antiflag shirt. I also got all the members of the Bouncing souls to sign my tour poster, which was pretty cool.

The coolest part of the gig was definitly anti-flag’s “Die for your government” or the bouncing soul’s “Hopeless Romantic” or possibly when both anti-flag and bouncing souls got on stage together and played Op Ivy’s “Unity.” That was the sex.

I wrote a song yesterday called “Mullet-Militia”
My favourite line is:
“I love my flag but I like my stars to line up horizontally”

that line is right up there with the insanely catchy chorus of:
“I wanna be part of the mullet militia, I want business up the front and a party in the back”

I need help…or a girlfriend…or both

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