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A fair amount has gone down since i last blogged and it wasn’t even all that long ago. i was lucky enough to attend this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo and to say it was an interesting experience would be an understatement. i was jetlagged as fuck but did get to see a ton of games and it is ridiculous how good of a show it was this year. i would say 95% of everything i saw was exciting and innovative. a few stand outs include Scribblenauts, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain & (of course) Tales of Monkey Island.

Now that i’m back in Dubai, things have returned to relative normalcy. The summer is pretty much upon us so it’s getting ridiculously warm. My day job is winding down as we come to the end of a 6 week concert series we’ve been holding at our space promoting original Dubai-based musicians. i am super stoked that Rasha is staying on to do summer courses this year which means she won’t be jetting off to Saudi for another 6 weeks YAY. I also started playing Indigo Prophecy (or Fahrenheit for our European readers!) last night for the first time on the strength of the Heavy Rain hands-on i had at E3. I’m not far in but am definitely enjoying how different it is, although the controls on PC are a little annoying. also, more of you should get on twitter, seriously.

i shall end with some photos from my recent trip:


Press Badge yo

E3 Middle East Crew -  spot the PR reps!

E3 Middle East Crew - spot the PR reps!

the fun line at the Microsoft press conference

the fun line at the Microsoft press conference

Totally Rad (Show)

Totally Rad (Show)

Steak Dinner on the Sunset Strip

Steak Dinner on the Sunset Strip

Garnett Lee sighting - Confirmed!

Garnett Lee sighting - Confirmed!

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  1. I made it through about 70% of Fahrenheit before switching it off at a scene where I was in a library and they asked me to find 3 books without any real clue as to where to get them. I wasn’t really feeling a fetch-quest being shoe horned into my interactive movie experience so I stopped. Means I missed the sex scene and the ending which everyone says is terrible (but I’ve remained spoiler-free so maybe one day I should pick it up again).

    I really enjoyed what I played of Fahrenheit but I don’t think the PS2 had quite enough graphical grunt to pull off his vision of a cinematic video game. That said, I’m really looking forward to Heavy Rain. I don’t really care if most of the game is QTE. I was just bummed to hear it got delayed to 2010 though.

  2. don’t bum me out like that dude. from what i’ve played so far i’m really enjoying it although i do agree it is a bit vague at times regarding what it is you have to do. The graphics on the PC version aren’t shabby at all, although what this game really does is make me want to play Heavy Rain like a motherfucker. and don’t worry about it being just a bunch of QTEs, from the little i’ve played there’s a decent amount of variation in gameplay, and the stuff in between the QTEs is engaging. as long as the story holds up i can’t see how it’ll be anything less than stellar.

  3. I was little concerned about the quality of the writing. I saw a preview of scene in a warehouse between a cop and a construction worker. The exchange between the two of them was pretty clunky.

    That said, I didn’t really have any problems with Fahrenheit so I expect it’ll be fine in the end product.

    Still mystified by your love of The Path though. I found that game to be pretty obtuse. 0_o

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