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The Week of Too Busy To Blog

I’ve had a hell of a busy week.  It’s been entirely awesome but I’ve had no time to blog until now.

On Wednesday night I went to State of Origin Game 3.  It was the first Origin game I’ve attended and I went with Matt, a relative who’s visiting from Scotland.  I grew up watching Origin and always enjoyed the spectacle of bone crunching tackles, rabid fans and the game descending into a giant brawl.  In recent years the biffo had largely been removed from Origin.  Fortunately for me and Matt, this year delivered in spades.  It was a closely fought contest and not only did the last ten minutes of the game descend into a slugfest, Steve Price got stretchered off the field, knocked out cold.  We were highly entertained and really felt we got our money’s worth.

State of Origin 2009:  A photo of Booker T's entrance

State of Origin 2009: A photo of Booker T's entrance into Suncorp Stadium

It’s my birthday on Monday, but for the sake of convenience I had all the social gatherings over the weekend.  On Friday I had the one with the rellies.  We went to the Japanese restaurant Sono for dinner and then back to our house to drink and play Singstar.  It was a very entertaining evening with all involved getting thoroughly plastered.  I’ve made a short video of the evening but I’m still having troubles getting Adobe Premiere to align its video resolution with Youtube’s widescreen mode so I’m not all that happy with it yet.  I felt it was important to upload the video now though as everyone should see Don’s rather unusual complaint about why he doesn’t like the Harry Potter series as well as his awesome version of Roy Orbison’s Only The Lonely.

Today we had a big chilli cook-off with some of our friends.  We made up a big batch and our friends came over with their own brands of chilli and we just gorged on food and drank beer & whisky.  It was a pretty awesome way to spend a birthday.  Once we finished off the chilli, we entertained ourselves with the Swordplay mode in Wii Sports Resort and then a game of Balderdash.

It’s been an amazing couple of weeks and in just a short while, even more friends and relatives arrive!  We’re also now under two weeks away from the wedding.

Things are going pretty good at the moment.  🙂

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Edo currently lives in Australia where he spends his time playing video games and enjoying his wife's cooking.


  1. that video is pretty damn tremendo. looking forward to next weekend dude!

  2. Ahh – Family meetups. Full of boozy evenings these days…

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