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Happy Birthday To Me

I had a rather unusually protracted birthday celebration this year as it co-incided with my recent holiday with all the relatives in town.  So Jen and I celebrated a week early, then we celebrated with the family on the actual day and then a few weeks later I caught up with my friends for a drink.  Lastly, for some strange reason, my work colleagues surprised me earlier this week by giving me a birthday cake and gifts, a full month after my birthday.

That said, I did pick up some pretty cool stuff that I wanted to blog about:

Birthday card from my brother-in-law Dom and from my friends Rhea n' Rich

Jen got me a Nespresso machine. I'm a regular coffee drinker at work but up to now, never made it at home. I love this machine. It spits out great tasting coffee in under a minute and came with a free milk frother thing. Changed my life.

FOUR BOTTLES OF WHISKY! I really scored on the whisky this year. I got a bottle of Caol Isla 12 Yr Old from Jen's parents, a Glen Moray from my colleagues at work and a bottle of Tasmania Lark whisky from Jen. For our second wedding anniversary she also got me a Port Ellen whisky from my year of birth. So good.

My friends Rich and Rhea went all out and got me a Wallabies jumper with a signed greeting from the entire squad. It was very kindly organised by James Horwill apparently. Less than a week after I was given this jumper, he was announced as the new Wallabies captain leading into the World Cup. What an awesome dude.

I made out pretty good this year.  Next year…the big Three Oh.

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