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The Macallan Select Oak


TYPE Single Malt


REGION Highland

COLOR Glorious amber

NOSE Strong scent of butterscotch.

PALATE A pleasingly warm, full bodied flavour evoking toffee, vanilla treacle and spongecake.  Takes you away to a happy place filled with memories of summer holidays…basking in the warmth of the sun.  It took a second glass to reach that conclusion however.

FINISH A long and warm finish.  Lovely.


90 out of 100

NOTES First of all, this bottle of The Macallan Select Oak towers over the other bottles in my collection like a Redwood.  This mighty one litre bottle is impractically tall and only *just* manages to fit in my deepest cabinet shelf.

There’s no denying though that this is an absolutely magic dram that served as a wonderful re-introduction to my weekly Whisky write ups.  It has a strong, distinct taste that has benefited from generations of careful refinement.  It doesn’t have the bite that other stronger flavoured whiskies can sometimes bring with them.  This tastes every bit as luxurious as the label looks with its fanciful gold trimmed text.

I have absolutely no clue how I came to possess this bottle.  So if you gave it to me as a gift, I’m sorry I don’t recall who you are.

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  1. That would be “thank you my dearest wife” you’re after!

  2. Haha! Dogbox Ed.

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