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Blair Athol 12 Year Old


TYPE Single Malt


REGION Highland

COLOR Dark amber. Can barely see through the other side of the glass.

NOSE Aroma makes me think of aniseed and sultanas.  It’s quite sharp.

PALATE Initially the sensation is that of sour fruit, like grapefruit.  There’s notes of dark chocolate and sherry also.

FINISH This is one whisky that is very front-loaded in taste.  It doesn’t linger in your mouth very long at all and only leaves a faint aftertaste.


73 out of 100

NOTES I drink this whisky rather sparingly because its not one that you would easily pick up in Australia.  I got this particular bottle from a visit to the Edradour which has the distinction of being Scotland’s smallest distillery.  There was probably a good reason why I bought Blair Athol and not Edradour itself but I can’t remember.

This is a rather unusual tasting whisky to my mind and while I can appreciate the bitter fruity flavour that dominates this dram, its not really a favourite of mine.  Hence the muted scoring.

On another note, the label has an otter on it.  Did you know otters sleep by holding hands with their partners?

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