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Hey everyone.

Only 3 more days and then I get my money. Money! MONEY! MONEYYY~!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

(I’m pretty hungry)

Time for the weekend recaps eh. On Friday, Kolitha bought a rugby ball so we went to the park with a bunch of dudes and EXERCISED. It would’ve been perfect but there was lots of poo everywhere. Don’t they have laws against that sort of stuff? I thought dog owners have to take a poo pack to scoop up any mess that is left behind. It was good to play rugby though. Haven’t done that in years.

I had my last videogames101 class today. By the end of this week I will have had my last class period. Scary. It kinda sucks too because there is almost no one I know on campus to share the moment with. Everyone is busy with their film productions. Oh well. Hopefully Rebecca and Bronwen are in tomorrow so we can do one last tav session after class.

On Saturday night I was asked to be a model for a buddy’s photo shoot. The theme was ‘football fan’. Now, while the shoot was pretty crusty, it does mean I managed to score some recent pictures of myself. I stuck three together to make this little baby right here:

You can proudly display this badge on your website (don’t leech our file though, save it to your own damn server) or alternatively you can print it out and iron it on to a t-shirt.

Has anyone else tried those Meal-In-A-Shake things? I tried a Brownes’ Zoom Chocolate Shake the other day. In a 500ml drink its supposed to be the equivalent of 2 pieces of wholemeal bread and a full serving of protein, calcium, 16 vitamins and minerals. It’s really freakin’ weird. It is a bit like having Milo but you have one drink and you feel really full afterwards. Amazing stuff. Cheap alternative when you have no money.

I got an email from Pat and he should check in soon from Turkey. I’m expecting some good stories.

Absolutely no idea where Sam is. Even abuse in the forum from ‘Swig’ wasn’t enough to lure him out. I think maybe its time we replaced him on the blog page with “Sonic” John Foulkes.

Dammit Matt! Using the fireman routine to pick up women. I can’t believe it! I bet you had a ‘let me spray my hose pipe in your face’ routine planned out and everything, Is it me or do you have every girl in Brunei fawning over you at the moment? Well, except for that one that you had a crush on whose name I’ve since forgotten.

Lord of the Rings: Two Towers Extended Edition is out on DVD soon. Sweet. Did I mention I get money soon?

R.I.P Stu Hart.

Money money money.

Posted by Edo @ 03:03 PM AST [Link] [9 comments]

Replies: 9 comments

I was having a conversation with Justin last night and asked him whether wrestling was too low brow too watch. He said no. I trust his judgement.

Hi Edo.

Posted by Annie @ 10/28/2003 03:37 PM AST

i love they way everyone is ashamed of watching wrestling… but personally i love the stuff.. (well not the most recent stuff, its been balls).
You do realise Edo that we never got round to doing our 24hr wrestle-a-ton… thats another thing to chalk down for december..

Jen LOVES wrestling!

Posted by Matt @ 10/28/2003 11:17 AM AST

I just remembered the name of McMahon’s daughter… stephanie…

oh dear i watched wrestling too :$

Posted by Jen @ 10/28/2003 05:40 AM AST

Jen: LotR is a special case.

Faten: I’m sorry you were forced to watch wrestling. And yes, Vince is the dad of the chick that married Triple H. And you can blame her for your misery since she is the head storyline writer.

Annie: Hello!!

Posted by Edo @ 10/28/2003 05:18 AM AST

Hey, don’t knock wrestling. What a shitty match between Goldberg and Shawn Michaels the other day though. Faten, hope Iman is having a great time in Cornell.

Posted by Annie @ 10/28/2003 02:43 AM AST

I thought the aim of the next couple of months was to show some restraint and not buy DVD’s???? faten- Iman still watches wrestling? :s

Posted by Jen @ 10/28/2003 01:10 AM AST

I seriously considered saving that banner and displaying it proudly on my blog… to show my Edo fandom hahaha. Fuckin A.
and hey isnt Vince McMahon the dad of the chick who got to marry Triple H? My sister used to go out and buy bootleg wrestling DVDs and make me sit through them…the torture.

Posted by Faten @ 10/27/2003 11:56 PM AST

Vincent K McMahon will NEVER die.

Posted by Edo @ 10/27/2003 08:38 PM AST

dammit! why is everyone in wrestling dying! it seems like everyother day i recieve a BPR from Blake telling me that another wrestling great has died… and another thing, why doesnt Vince McMahon die?

Posted by Matt @ 10/27/2003 07:57 PM AST

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