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Along came the Pat

That weekend that went by was allright. The painting was actually better than I thought, kinda fun and achieving to be honest, then again I probably will be bored with it by the time I finish it off in the summer.
Then I went to ‘that chicks’ party, which was cool until the cops showed up and kicked everyone out, they had dogs and stuff. Brutal.
Speaking of dogs, my dog: good old pup got beaten up by coyotes. He is now crippled, poor thing, he is such a cool dog apart from when he attempts to screw my friends.

So smelly Tina won survivor, hope this isn’t a spoiler for anyone. Colby looked like Kurt Angle when he shaved his crusty beard, I can’t believe no one agrees with me.

So according to Dan, if I am depressed I eat bread. Ok, cool sounds easy enough.

Only ten more days until graduation, this will mean lots of drinking, partying, rafting and listening to speeches. Cool. Plus it looks likely I will get into my marathon five year business administration course next year.
Five years is like half a decade, like another highschool. Man, five more years of school, holy shit.

I am taking Becca to see “Along Came the Spider” tonight, I think so anyways. She doesn’t want to watch, the mummy 2, she must not love the Rock like I do or something. Driven was a cool movie though, check that shit out.

Today I rented Smackdown 2 and then burnt it. And can play it now that I own it, renting the game costs a bitchin $5.69 so its still not as cheap as rock bottom Brunei prices which are $2/piece. Man people there don’t realize how lucky they are to have cheap cd’s.

Apparantely this site is banned from both of my ex-schools being ISB and JIS, well they can all kiss my bare ass. Our hit count may suffer a bit due to that though which sucks.

I’m tired.

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Patrick lives in South West London with his girlfriend and works in the online marketing industry. He enjoys attending buffets, running half marathons, complaining about Air Canada and watching rugby.

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