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The Science of Myth

just want to comment on your post Sam. when i said pop punk bands. i actually meant POP-punk bands. as in highly Ramones influenced bands. i wouldn’t put Green Day in that category. neither a band like No Use for a Name, considering their older stuff is hardcore as fuck. my fault really for not properly stating what i meant in the first place. anyways. if you listen to Sicko you’d no doubt agree with me as to their absolute coolness-ness. notice i didn’t include Screeching Weasel in my top three even though they’re one of my favorite bands. ever. MTX and Sicko just have the upperhand in the POP-punk department over Ben’s stuff. Doesn’t mean they’re nescissarily better bands though. Screeching Weasel are 4th. i can’t believe i’ve actually gone and listed bands in an order. that’s just retarded. some other great POP-punk bands include: The Lillingtons, The Vindictives, The Bomb Bassets, Mach Pelican, The Riverdales, The Queers, Teen Idols, Cub, The Smugglers…actually the list is pretty fucking endless.

Posted by Mike @ 07:46 PM AST [Link]

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oh no, no no! i do agree with you that Green Day have a huge ramones influence…but it’s not as blatantly obvious as the other bands i mentioned.

you MUST see the groovie ghoulies. they are awesome…and you won’t be dissapointed…just a fun band. Erin saw them in the states a few years back. recommends them highly. you know…it’s weird…cause i had a dream the other night that i actually did pack up and move to california. and went to see you. that’s pretty crazy! Erin and i are planning a trip to the states maybe sometime late next year…so would very much like to catch up….might even stay in the country for a long while if we can get jobs…then we’ll see about that band, aye?

Posted by Mike @ 09/18/2002 06:19 AM AST

U don’t think Greenday are heavily Ramones influenced? hmm, just a difference in opinion I s’pose.

Oh, that reminds me, the groovy ghoulies are playing here in a couple of weeks. I think you should come live in southern california with me and make a punk band with me. Then we can start a band and watch cool bands like the groovie ghoulies.

That’d be cool.

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