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Cowboys, **** and fucked up parties

Last night went to a party very ****ed.

From what I remember, these are the highlights

1. I got harrassed by a lumberjack.
2. Some cowboy beat the shit out of a homie g.
3. A guy stole my gum
4. A girl kept following me wanting to look at my pager, obviously wanting to steal it
5. Beer was getting spilled everywhere and my socks now reek of budweiser
6. I smoked up for the second time and then ate a whole packet of doritos
7. Played foozball
8. About twenty people got chased by drunk cowboys out of the party

In history class, people were still recovering. Might have enjoyed it a bit more if I wasn’t completely ****ed the whole night and cowboys weren’t beating people up.

Edo is a bitching dirty chinese person. He watches porn everyday.

I watched that movie Snatch just now, and my god what a fucking great movie. One of the best I have seen in a long time, it has everything in it: comedy, sadness, twists and brilliant acting.

I love this movie so much, just go watch it now, NOW! I say. This is my list of top five movies of all time.

Perfect storm
Independence day
Sixth Sense

I have stinky exams in a few days and we own a husky now. Now we have five dogs, freaking hell. Huskies are cool though, puppies are so cute, man I sound like a chick.

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