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Tank Restaurant

Tank Restaurant is a dining experience after my own heart.  It’s run by a Scottish chef who likes Japanese food and decided to live in Australia to serve it.  You can often see chef/owner Alastair McLeod pottering away in the kitchen thanks to the restaurant’s revealing glass panel walls.  I don’t really watch much free-to-air television in Australia but apparently he also moonlights as a celebrity chef on Ready Steady Cook.

Jen and I have dined at Tank before on a couple of occasions and its inviting aroma and apetizing menu always has us considering another visit.  There’s also the convenience factor – Tank is literally thirty metres away from our apartment.

We decided to dine at Tank on the occasion of our third wedding anniversary.  The food didn’t disappoint.  We are addicted to their delicious root chip and walnut starters.  The dishes are all served fresh with local produce and are a great fusion of traditional Japanese and modern Australian styles.  How else can you describe a dining experience where you’re served a plate of sashimi followed up with something called ‘pumpkin tofu’?

Lotus root chip and tea glazed walnuts

Sashimi and sushi platter

Organic duck, pumpkin tofu, winter reds

Eye fillet of beef in miso, oxtail gyoza, smoked celeriac

Chocolate pudding

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